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Make your financial assets work harder for people and planet

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For experienced investors looking to create a portfolio of direct investments into impact start-ups. All in one, easy to manage place.

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Live Opportunities

Bedstraw + Madder

Premium women’s underwear using 100% plant dyes (no chemicals) and regenerative cotton sold at competitive prices.

Target: £150k
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Creating high quality skincare products using African superfoods in a way that supports the women and communities who supply the raw ingredients.

Target: £150k
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Arts Revolution

Returning arts education to children across the UK regardless of wealth by providing a one-stop solution for schools.

Target: £350k
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Why Chorus?

Successful start-up investing hinges on two considerations: upside potential vs. downside risk.

Every investor assesses upside potential differently and with impact investing there are also social and environmental benefits to consider. Chorus lets you select investments individually so the return profile matches your financial and impact objectives.

All our companies qualify for tax relief which means your downside risk is limited to 38.5% for EIS or as low as 13.5% for SEIS. The Chorus investor Hub lays out company information and legal documents so you can complete your due diligence with ease and confidence.

How it works. Follow these 4 simple steps

Have your impact investments delivered?

Everyone loves the concept: investments that deliver positive impact along with financial returns. The challenge is identifying potential start-ups that can deliver both.

We do the screening and structuring so you don’t have to. The Chorus team develops a deep understanding of the impact and business plan. Further review by our selection committee ensures that only the best opportunities make it to our members.

“Experienced investors expect clear business plans, appropriate legal documentation and measurable impact objectives. It’s exciting we can deliver what investors want while simultaneously directing capital to ambitious founders committed to improving our society and environment.“

Gordon Eichhorst Chorus Co-Founder

We nurture trusted Investor/ Founder partnerships

Early-stage investing is exciting because everyone has the same objective. Grow the business! Building relationships between founders and investors increases the chances for success.

Our Hub facilitates communication, the cornerstone for strong relationships. Frequent founder updates keep investors informed. Engaged investors go beyond funding, sharing experience and connections with founders.

Chorus Network Hub