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Live Opportunities

Yendy Skin

New skincare products combining African superfoods with active scientific ingredients in a way that transforms the lives of small-scale farmers harvesting the raw ingredients.

Target: £150k
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Fanfare Label

London fashion house built on multi-faceted sustainable practices and outstanding in-house design team.

Target: £190k
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Bedstraw and Madder

Premium women’s underwear made from regenerative cotton and 100% plant-based dyes.

Target: £250k
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Why impact investing?

The UK donates £10 billion annually to charity. A nice sum but let’s face it, our problems are bigger than that!

In contrast, there is £1.6 trillion in personal liquid financial assets held by the UK households and £1.5 trillion residing in defined benefit pension assets. Just 1% of those assets going to Impact investing would be 3 times the amount given to charity.

We need to make our investments work harder for us.

How we select our opportunities

Our goal is to identify the best start-ups who can deliver measurable impact and impressive financial returns to Chorus members

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Introducing the Hub

Direct investing into private companies can be an organisational nightmare!

Confusing investment presentations. Different legal documents for every deal. Searching e-mails to finish tax filings. Chasing founders for updates. What a hassle!

The Chorus Hub changes all that.

Find all deal documents in one place and prepared in the same way to the same high standards. Access your personal Hub account to track your investments and stay up-to-date on founder posts.

Build your personally selected portfolio of exciting impact start-ups and keep everything in one place.

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Chorus membership is free for qualifying individuals and Chorus does not charge investors any fees for making investments on Chorus.

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